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  • Location: Blackboard Collaborate - Online
  • Time: Tuesday 23 February 2021, 17:00–18:00
  • Presenter: Centre for Arthurian Studies
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February 2021


The Periphery of Arthurian Romance (Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia)

'The Periphery of Arthurian Romance (Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia)',    

Professor Keith Busby, Wisconsin University

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This paper questions the received view that the geography of medieval Arthurian romance is largely fictitious and fantastic, arguing that there are cases in which the geography of romance may reveal the provenance, function, and intended audience of the text. A consideration of regions presented as the periphery of the romance world, such as Ireland, northern Scotland and Scandinavia, suggests that these apparently liminal areas are essential to the generation of storytelling. I review the presentation of northern periphery in a number of romances before looking in more detail at the little-known Sone de Nansai and concluding with examination of a passage from the (non-Arthurian) Fouke le Fitz Waryn.

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