New Arthurian edition by Bangor Emeritus professor

The new edition of the most popular English language story of the legendary King Arthur, Thomas Malory’s fifteenth-century Le Morte Darthur, provides students at all levels and the general public with the authoritative text, but without the extensive critical apparatus, of the recent 2-volume scholarly edition published by leading academic medieval press Boydell & Brewer previously launched at the British branch conference of the International Arthurian Society, hosted by Bangor University and organised by Prof. Raluca Radulescu, the centre's director, in 2013.

This publication event follows the recent presence of Bangor University's Centre for Arthurian Studies at the Bradford Literary Festival, where three out of four events focusing on the Arthurian legends and their retelling featured Prof. Raluca Radulescu, expert panel member on 'The Arthurian Legend and Its Enduring Appeal' and 'The Lady of Shalott: Tennyson's Camelot', and Prof. Field talking about 'Camelot Through the Ages'. The invitations to this prestigious festival came following the quickly expanding news coverage of Bangor University’s Centre for Arthurian Studies, launched in January 2017 to celebrate the university’s long-established tradition in this area of study, and the Year of Legends in Wales.

The organisers of the festival also wanted to showcase Prof. Field’s discovery of the potential location of the historical Camelot, presented in a ground-breaking lecture at the launch of another of Bangor University’s new research centres, the Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Cultures of the Book in December 2016.

Bangor University's Arthurian staff and postgraduate students will present their research at the XXVth International Arthurian Congress held in Würzburg, Germany (24-29 July), where scholars from across the world will be given a glimpse into the rare Arthurian books in Bangor University's Centre for Arthurian Studies and Library and Archives Collections through a presentation of our online exhibition, curated by Prof. Radulescu in collaboration with Shan Robinson, deputy director of the Centre, the centre's international advisory board, current staff, students and alumni of the MA in Arthurian Literature.

Publication date: 19 July 2017