Quest 2019

Building on a successful pilot project, which saw pupils enjoying Arthurian literature and creating their own modern ‘Arthurian’ quests, the Centre for Arthurian Studies at Bangor University are sharing  what they’ve learnt with primary and secondary school teachers today (5th of July 2019).

The new event shares the key actions from last year’s “Quest”/ “Ymgais” literacy project. Professor Raluca Radulescu, the Centre’s Co-Director worked with Gillian Brownson, a writer, storyteller and Community Theatre Practitioner and Kate Stuart, PhD student in media studies, to inspire local school children on a number of Arthurian-themed interactive activities.

The pupils came to understand how some of the enduring themes of Arthurian literature can be found in today’s popular media. They took part in interactive storytelling, theatre games, writing workshops and video diaries. 

Professor Raluca Radulescu, and Gillian Brownson will be sharing how to use the myths and legends represented in the University’s collection in the classroom.

Prof Radulescu explained:

“It’s been our dream to develop the principles behind our project into a resource that can be used by all the schools in North Wales and further afield, across the UK and in the world. Interest in our school events and how our research is translated into impact on society has attracted the attention of journalists and documentary-makers from Japan to the US and, most recently, Russia. Our aim at the Centre for Arthurian Studies is to attract international researchers to share our resources and promote research exchanges in this relevant field of study, and also ensure that the Centre is open to as many people as possible in the local community.”

The Quest For Successful Futures: Myth and Arthurian Legend in the Classroom workshop includes: 

  • A visit to the Centre for Arthurian Studies and Bangor University’s Archive, with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to handle rare books and manuscripts
  • A demonstration of Arthurian-themed interactive activities to use with students and one-to-one advice on how to put those activities into practice
  • Expert talks on the Centre’s resources from Raluca Radulescu, and on the benefits of storytelling for all ages from Gillian Brownson

The Centre for Arthurian Studies has access to an unrivalled collection of publications, including rare editions in Arthurian studies; the collections have been enhanced through private donations, which started even before the University Library was established, and have continued to grow through the dedicated work of Bangor scholars and librarians' careful preservation of the stock.

The Quest project was funded by the Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.

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Publication date: 5 July 2019