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A Special Donation to the Centre for Arthurian Studies: The King Arthur Plates - A Blog Post

On 13 February 2018 the Centre for Arthurian Studies welcomed some very generous guests. Mr and Mrs Rawlinson of Wilmslow kindly donated a special set of plates in memory of Mrs Rawlinson’s father Prof. Roland C. Johnston.

Publication date: 14 February 2018

Blog - Libraries in the snow: three weeks at the Centre for Arthurian Studies.

In February and March of 2018, I spent three weeks at the Centre for Arthurian Studies at Bangor University, working on Charles Bertram's Britannicarum Gentium Historiæ Antiquæ Scriptores Tres (1757) , a work containing editions of Gildas and Nennius, and Bertram's forgery of an itinerary by Richard of Cirencester. This is the story of how that went.

Publication date: 7 February 2019

Blog post by Casey Harris, MA candidate, University of Villanova, USA, first resident short-term fellow of the Centre for Arthurian Studies, July 2017

The month I spent as a visiting research scholar at Bangor University was invaluable in laying the groundwork for my MA dissertation. I am a student at Villanova University, and my dissertation concerns Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Brittaniae ...

Publication date: 31 July 2017

Blog post: Beardsley Malory

On Tuesday 26th July 2016, Dr Samantha Rayner (UCL) and I visited a place of wonder: a book storage unit. Tucked away on an industrial estate in North Wales, this enormous warehouse is home to thousands of titles belonging to Bangor University – books that, for a variety of reasons are no longer held in the main university library – whether due to changing syllabi, modernised editions replacing older ones, or shifting fashions for certain areas of study.

Publication date: 9 August 2018

Blog: Bangor University Arthurian PhD alumni publish new book

The Horse in Premodern European Culture: why horse history matters for Arthurian scholars

Publication date: 16 July 2020

Blog: How I chose to do the MA in Arthurian Literature at Bangor University

It was at the University of Florida (Gainesville) where my passion for Arthuriana began. I majored in English and minored in Medieval & Early Modern Studies (MEMS), and part of this work involved a module called ‘Tales of King Arthur’ taught by Dr Judy Shoaf...

Publication date: 9 August 2018

Blog: Launch of 'Arthur in the Celtic Languages'

A very successful and well-attended event was held on 28 February 2019 in the Council Chamber, Bangor University, to celebrate the recent publication of Arthur in the Celtic Languages.

Publication date: 27 June 2019

Day symposium: 'Arthurian Legends in Wales and Beyond' - blog post

Building on a portfolio of long-standing international research collaboration, and sponsored by IMEMS (Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Bangor University and Aberystwyth University), the Centre for Arthurian Studies’ day symposium, ‘Chwedlau Arthur yng Nghymru a thu Hwnt / Arthurian Legends in Wales and Beyond’, took place on Thursday 28 June 2018 ...

Publication date: 16 July 2018

Gotfrit von Straszburg, Trystan 1821

As we catalogue the Flintshire Harries Arthurian collection we are discovering some treasures. The latest is a version of Tristan (Trystan) by Gottfried von Strassburg printed on handmade paper, and dated 1821.

Publication date: 17 April 2018

International Postgraduate Community in Arthurian Studies launched by Bangor University

For the first time in its 16-year history, this year’s Medievalism Transformed conference exchanged its beloved ‘College on the Hill’ dwelling for an entirely virtual space in collaboration with the Centre for Arthurian Studies. Over the course of two days (18-19 September 2020), the Centre welcomed over 150 speakers and attendees from all over the world to exchange ideas about ‘Movement through Arthurian Legend’.

Publication date: 28 October 2020

The Enchanted Tower: A Week at the Centre for Arthurian Studies

In romance, Lancelot is trapped in a tower by Morgan Le Fay, where he amuses himself by drawing on the walls. In July 2016, I, too, became pleasantly ‘trapped’ in an enchanted tower, where I was in no danger of being bored, as my ‘prison’, located in a tower of the Bangor University Library, was full of books ...

Publication date: 1 April 2017

The Mediaeval Courts of Love - blog article by Shan Robinson

Vyvyan Holland was born in London 1886 under the name Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Wilde. He was the son of the notorious author and playwright Oscar Wild, imprisoned and convicted of the charge of "gross indecency" due to his homosexuality in 1895. After a very public court case, Vyvyan’s mother, in an attempt to protect her boys, moved them abroad and changed their names.

Publication date: 15 January 2018

The Romance of Sir Degrevant

‘The Romance of Sir Degrevant’, Printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith, 1896. This is one of only 350 original copies made on paper with 8 copies on vellum. The Frontispiece was designed by Edward Burne-Jones and engraved by W.H. Hooper. The printing type is Chaucer Type printed on hand-made paper which holds the second version of the Primrose watermark.

Publication date: 22 October 2020